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To begin setting up the plugin on your server it will need to be installed onto all servers you plan to use it on.


It is recommended to stop your server while installing plugins


  • Download the .jar file from one of the download options
  • Place this file into the /plugins directory of your server


This plugin will require some additional plugins for it to actually work. Follow their installation process to get them installing on your server. You can find them below.

Plugin Hooks

This plugin has additional features which can be used by adding optional plugins. These are not needed but can extend functionality. You can find them below along with a brief description of what feature they enable.


Once all the required plugins are installing onto the server you can go ahead and run the server. Custom Tab should auto-generate some files by default. Have a look through these files for a base idea of how the plugin is configured. I recommend looking here for an extensive guide on how to configure the plugin.

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